Investing in transformative real estate technology.

Our mission

To help build and invest in an ecosystem to better build, maintain, and operate real estate assets through technology, while leveraging our rapidly growing real estate platform and network.

We are

We have built and scaled, from scratch, a fully integrated real estate vertical platform.

We are

We manage more than 2,500 units, maintain another 6,000, and performed $20M+ in capital improvements.

We are

We manage over $400M across real estate and venture capital.

our unique approach

We are experienced real estate operators & entrepreneurs.


As operators across the spectrum of real estate we understand the deficiencies that exist and are investing in technologies fill these gaps.

Real Estate Platform

We use our vertical platform to perform diligence, grow revenue, refine the product roadmap of new technologies.


We have built a vast network of developers, operators, vendors, and investors which we leverage to help our companies.


We help portfolio companies accelerate growth by applying best practices.


We understand the entrepreneurial journey first hand and actively support portfolio companies through the full gambit of challenges.

As vertically integrated operators, we believe

innovation is the only path to continued performance, growth and scale.

Our Thesis

Why we do what we do.


Current market conditions will serve as a catalyst for broader PropTech adoption and force out complacency and inefficiency among operators. Increased competition in real estate combined with a tight labor market and rising interest rates has greatly reduced operating margins and has forced owners to prioritize optimization through technology.


As vertically integrated operators, we believe innovation is the only path to continued performance, growth and scale.


We Invest in a diverse set of founders and promote technologies for a more inclusive world.

Environmental, Social, and Governance

There is no viable future for any of us without a focus on ESG, which is embedded in our company’s entire strategy and operations. We invest in forward thinking companies.

Our founders

We are shaping the future stars
Paolo Boero
Paolo Boero
Managing Partner
William Gotfried
William Gotfried
General Partner
Nicholas Yarnall
Nicholas Yarnall
Managing Partner
Tom Rash
Tom Rash
Vice Presitent - Investments